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A Thought For Thursday
gallery Jul 27 2017

You, you

you, you, you, you

you, you, you

you, you, you, you

you, you you you you


Do you understand yet?

Tyler Knott Gregson

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gallery Jul 26 2017
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Jaq Title_key Shannon

Real Wedding
gallery Jul 26 2017
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Jaq asked Shannon to marry her. They had been together for 4 years, but both knew almost immediately after meeting each other that this was the kind of love that lasts. The proposal was at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). Jaq wrote a poem titled “Instructions for Finding the Love of Your Life” on small pieces of cardstock and stuck them to the street lamps at the Urban Light exhibit. Their love story is contained within the poem itself.

Instructions for Finding the Love of Your Life

Step 1

You will meet her at a house party when you are home from college over winter break. Bring beer in a Christmas stocking. She will think it’s cute. At night’s end, sit on steps outside the locked apartment. If she’s cold (she will be), offer her your jacket.

Step 2

When you Skype, embarrass yourself by reciting your monologue. She will think it’s cute. The first time you talk, tell her too much.

Step 3

Wake up, kiss her forehead. Realize that pledge you had to remain unattached has been derailed.

Step 4

Begin writing her love letters in a journal. Eventually you’ll give this to her on your 1st anniversary.

Step 5

Move home. Feel the pull. Watch as your lives interlace, the distance between your bodies collapses.

Step 6

Talk all night. Dig deep, whisper your pasts into quiet earth, smear the ground smooth, soothe the scars, clean the slates. Fall asleep that night with legs entwined in Celtic knots no end, no beginning

Step 7

Don’t sleep. Slide fingertips through worn jean rips high risen rims over white hips split her lips with a kiss touch her skin spark the thin line tracing the brims of your bodies, not breaking apart and coming together.

Step 8

Feel certainty. Spoon into the arc of her knees. Study the architecture of her warmth. Wonder how your body slept before your heartbeats harmonized, hypnotized by the rhythm of her steady breath— her pulse in your nerve endings.

Step 9

Meet her family. Witness her mannerisms in her parents’ gestures, the way she loves her sisters See the concrete layers of her foundation: lessons she learned early, reasons you love her.

Step 10

Be boring. Read books in bed. Try hard to let her fall asleep before you. Listen to her blood. Feel like bursting.

Step 11

Injure your shoulder. When you wake in pain in the middle of the night every night for the first few weeks, take note of her soothing voice, the way she stays awake until she knows you are okay.

Step 12

Buy it when you find it. With concrete countertops and travertine floors, the squares that will wear as you walk; walls that will watch as you age.

Step 13

In your new home, in your new bed, press into her back, kiss the valley of nerves at her hairline, trace the bumps of her spine, sense the warmth in her thighs, Think to yourself: She is the skin and bones of me.

Step 14

Buy the ring.

Step 15

Tell her:

In the center of my chest

beneath the bones and flesh

between the lungs

lies the heart that bids blood to the brain,

bears life in measured beats,

opens and bursts with your laughter,

grows and breaks and burns,

but of every mark left,

yours is the deepest, most lasting groove.

This is our story.

But if it wasn’t,

in 100,000 other lifetimes,

there’d be 100,000 other versions

because I know

yours is the heart

that mine would have never stopped searching for.

You are my scent and sense of home,

the most beautiful, bravest thing I’ve ever held,

and I want a lifetime to listen to you sing;

I want to write you love poetry with 80-year-old fingers.

And I know I’m not perfect,

but this is a promise to never stop trying.

This is the poem I started writing

six months after we met

because I knew then what I still do:

I want you

for the rest of my life.

I want you make you my lawful wedded wife.

So say yes,

to all of my flaws,

and the ocean depth of my devotion.

Say yes,

and I will kneel nightly

at the alter of your aspirations,

every morning chanting affirmations

of my everlasting dedication to our love.

Say yes, my darling,

my beautiful girl.

Say yes when I ask you…

Will you marry me?  

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gallery Jul 25 2017
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The 5 Things Every Modern Couple Should Register For

1. Wine - Instead of registering for towels or another blender you don't need, you can register for your favorite bottles of wine and spirits through ThirstyNest! Use your wedding as an opportunity to build your dream home bar. We also love the idea of registering for a few special bottles of red or champagne to save for your future anniversaries together.

2. Your Honeymoon - Ask your guests for donations to your honeymoon fund instead of traditional gifts! Yes, your dream honeymoon IS within reach! We love HoneyFund - You can even register for cash!

3. Charity - Since so many couples nowadays already have the home goods and items on traditional registries, we love the idea of registering for donations to charity instead! We love The Good Beginning - You can choose your favorite charities to donate to, or add your own!

4. Art - The perfect gift for the couple that already has everything. Some galleries will let you register for artwork through them, or you can always register for prints and wall hangings from your favorite home decor sites. Your new art will add personality to your new home together, and will always remind you of your love for art and for each other!

5. A Camera - You'll love having a nice camera around for your newlywed travels and family entertaining. Websites like MyRegistry and SimpleRegistry let you register for anything from any store, so you can find exactly what you want - The options are truly endless!

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Sneak Peek
gallery Jul 25 2017

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