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etiquette / article Dec 28 2017

Best of 2017


It's hard to get an engagement shoot just right. Often, couples are uneasy in front of the camera (at least on their wedding day, they have booze to calm their nerves!). And engagement sessions can be super corny. So, how do you avoid that? My advice? Comfy clothes and a heavy dose of you being you.  

I love when couples snuggle up at home for their engagement sessions. I know my home is where I am most comfortable and it always feels so genuine seeing a couple in their own space. When Meghan and Amanda's engagement shoot came my way, it was love at first sight. They are so loving and at ease. It felt like I got to spend a Sunday morning with them, which was so beautiful. {Photo Credit: Brina Debalinhard}

Jorie and Jaime's seaside e-sesh feels like the epitome of Pacific Northwestern beauty. It's romantic, it's moody, it's scenic. Also, can we please talk about that tee? {Photo Credit: Peter Amend}

One of the most important ingredients in a successful engagement shoot? SNUGGLING. Ally and Jac had this down to a science. They set up a picnic blanket, snuggled. They wandered their city, snuggled. They sat on ledges, snuggled. I love that it really gives you a sense of how much these two love each other. {Photo Credit: K. Willerick Photography}

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