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etiquette / article Dec 30 2016

2016 Roundup


This is really what it's all about for us. We love everything we do, but the core of H&H Weddings is just that, weddings. It's about committing to life together, to grow together, to support each other, no matter who you are or what your relationship looks like. We narrowed it down to six weddings that topped the charts for us! (It was a grueling process, trust us!)

Jeff and Chris nailed the beach wedding. Their palette matched the hues of the setting sun, their suits were totally on point and they were barefoot! Thompson Photography Group perfectly captured the chic Fire Island soirée! 

These Denver Brides rocked our world, thanks to Cassie Rosch. They had plenty of beautiful details, but, mostly, their love was palpable and we couldn't get enough.

All gold everything. Need we say more about Chrissy & Lindsey's Providence wedding? As usual, Todd Wilson Images had us drooling! 

Honestly? We might have squealed when Miranda & Trish sent us images of Chelsea & Chelsea's nuptials. Can you blame us?

But like...how cute are these brides?! Lisa Stone Photography brought so many smiles to our faces with Ja'Nina & Whiteé's wedding!

We're always wary of anything "classic" or "traditional," but Chris & Lawrence knocked our socks off. Can we talk about those tuxes?! We're suckers for a good NYC wedding and Sarah Tew Photography reminded us why!

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