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etiquette / article Dec 29 2016

2016 Roundup


Styled shoots are hard! How do you create something that is unique in an industry inundated with imagery? We think these shoots do a damn good job of giving us some serious inspo! 

Christina Karst Photography sent us this gem and we instantly fell in love! It's modern, industrial meets organic. What more could you ask for?

We adore industrial settings, there are so many opportunities to create whatever look and feel you want, which is why we were especially obsessed with this Industrial Bacon Styled Shoot that Cadence & Eli Photography sent our way. The color palette is divine and there are SO MANY stunning details! 

We miiiight be a little biased, but how good is this Barbie & Ken(dra) shoot that we helped style? A hot pink suit?! C'mon!

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