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etiquette / article Sep 11 2016

Wedding Attire


Overwhelmed by your attire options for you big day? Don't be. We've rounded up a few options that are not a white dress because, you know, we want you to feel like yourself when you say "I do!" 

Feminine suits - this is a great option for someone who doesn't want to wear a dress, but wants to keep their look soft. These ensembles are easy to find (retailers like J.Crew, Zara & Asos have plenty of options) and they're totally wearable after your nuptials! This look is comprised of pieces from two different stores and it works perfectly. The lady tie by Becoming is just the icing on the cake!

Standard Suits - Masculine of center people, listen up! There is no shortage of suiting options for you! Worried about finding a suit to fit your body type? Don't! The Tailory NYC, Saint Harridan, and Sharpe Suiting are just a few great places to look for your wedding wear. 

Non White Wedding Dresses - Love the idea of a dress, but hate the idea of white? We get it. Stores like BHLDN and J.Crew have great dresses intended for bridesmaids that work perfectly for a wedding dress! The best part, they're typically MUCH less expensive than something labeled "bridal."

 Three-Piece Suit - Going all out with the suit? We love it, especially for a fall/winter wedding!

Jumpsuit - You might be sick of hearing us talk about them, but we L-O-V-E jumpsuits! They're versatile, fashionable, affordable and wear well after the vows! This jumpsuit from House Of Ollichon is right up our alley! 

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