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etiquette / q & a Aug 18 2015


So, I have this friend who is getting married in a few months and it's all he'll talk about. I am super happy for him, but it's not all I want to talk about. What do I say?


This is a tough one, surely you are thrilled for your friend (we'll call him Joe) and his love, but it's not appropriate (or fair) that it's all he'll talk about. There are a few ways to brooch the subject. 

Try to subtly bring up other topics, like things that are going on in your own life. If the conversation somehow always steers back to the wedding, you might have to confront him about it.

Not only is it terrible for the people around Joe, but it's really unhealthy for him and his relationship. Wedding planning is no doubt one of the most momentous & stressful things that most people go through, but it's not the only thing that exists in life. And what happens to Joe & his spouse after the wedding? They're going to be left with nothing to talk about.

In the past, we've talked about what to do after the wedding hoopla is over. It's something that a lot of couples struggle with. You expend so much time, money & energy planning your wedding. Then, all of a sudden, it's over. This would be another great point to make to Joe. There is life post-wedding and he should be cognizant of that fact. 

If you approach it with Joe's best interests at heart, he'll likely see what you're talking about. 

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