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The Honeymoon List


So, you’re big day was everything you hoped it would be and you’re still riding out the wedding high. Now, it’s time for the honeymoon! It’s a perfect way to unwind and reconnect after the months of planning that you did, but a honeymoon requires planning too. And packing! What are the essentials in your bag?  

The musts…  

-Airline tickets or e-ticket confirmation  

-Passport/visas/driver's license  

-Credit cards (only those you'll use)  

-Hotel/theater reservation confirmations (create a folder in your inbox for this type of thing)  

-Traveler's checks (if you plan to use them)  

-Two sets of photocopies of all of the above, plus a photocopy of related medical and/or trip insurance coverage and prescriptions (carry one set with you, leave one in the hotel room)  

-Phone numbers for your doctor, house/cat sitter, and credit card companies (in case your cards are lost or stolen)  

-Prescription medicine (in the original bottle)  

-ID tags for luggage  

There are a few things you’ll want to pack, not buy on your trip!  

-Insect repellent  

-Sunscreen and lip balm  


-Sun hat or baseball cap  

-Aloe vera  


-Aspirin/Antacid/Antihistamine & any other medicines you might need  

-Deck of cards  

-Tote bag  


-Electrical converter/adapter  

Bathroom Basics:  







-Cotton balls and swabs  


-Hair gel/spray  

-Nail file/clippers  

-Shaving cream  


-Contact lens and re-wetting solution, storage case  

Handy Extras:  

-Extra pair of glasses/contacts, asthma inhaler, and the like  

-Ziplock bags (all sizes; use for packing wet swimsuits or protecting camera and film when it rains)  

-Earplugs   -

Shout Wipes (instant stain-treater towelettes)  

Depending on the hotel, a few of these items including a hair dryer & alarm clock may be provided for you. If you plan on exploring, bring the appropriate clothing items, as well as if you plan to work out! Make sure that someone at home has all of your travel info as well! 

Things you can register for! Luggage/totes/duffels Headphones Camera OR lenses for your phone Charger/router  

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