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etiquette / article Sep 3 2014

Making a Marriage Work


We do a lot of talking about your wedding day. What to wear, whom to invite, how to address your invites…the list goes on. However, the equally (actually, more) important thing that we rarely mention is life after marriage. You know, the decades that you spend with the person of your dreams? Oh yeah, that.  

Recently, it was the anniversary of Amy & Jeri, they were one of the very first couples who showed us just how spectacular a wedding can be. They were visibly overjoyed by each other, they were chic & completely stunning. Needless to say, we realized we had to start H&H Weddings to show LGBT couples that rainbows were not their only options for décor (not that there is anything wrong with rainbows if that’s what you want).  

I asked Amy to tell me a bit about what makes their marriage work, because that’s really what’s most important. It’s not whether your wedding day was a seamlessly executed event. It’s whether your relationship is strong and lasting. I wanted to talk about a few of the things that she touched on as well as what the H&H Weddings team thinks are important factors in marital bliss!  

1. Pay homage -€“ As the years pass, as intertwined as lives can be, two people can grow apart. A great way to remember your roots as a couple is to pay homage to your relationship. Maybe you have a morning routine that it just yours (like Amy & Jeri), or even inside jokes. The key is to have something that belongs just to the two of you!  

2. Remember your vows - Easier said than done. Whether you said traditional religious vows or read an excerpt from a children'€™s book, you should be grounded in the words that you said to one another on your wedding day. We love the idea of keeping your vows written down somewhere so if your feeling distant or upset with one another, you can reread what you said. It'€™s a great way to take you back to one of the happiest moments of your lives and help you gain perspective.    

3. Experience new things together -€“ Wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to bed. Sound familiar? It's hard to keep a relationship new and exciting after years and years together, but it'€™s not impossible! Go for a midnight drive to look at the stars, plan a weekend getaway, or just turn your electronics off for a romantic night at home. Doing things together that you have never done before is a way to keep yourself and your partner stimulated and excited about life and your relationship. It's a great way to make sure that you are growing together and not apart.  

4. Stay honest - Always & forever. This is pretty self-explanatory, but probably the most integral element in a happy, stable relationship. No matter how you are feeling, it'€™s one hundred percent necessary to be honest with your partner. Keeping secrets (except maybe a super romantic surprise anniversary trip) is not going to provide the kind of open, nurturing environment that needs to exist for love to flourish. It can be hard, but it'€™ll be better in the long run.

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