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etiquette / article Jun 20 2018

The Wedding Party


A question came in last week about what to call a wedding party. It can get a little tricky if you're sticking to traditional wedding roles. These grooms-to-be aren't keen on calling their wedding party a "bridal party" because that doesn't make sense for them. So, what are these grooms to do?

Our suggestion is simple; make it your own! Your wedding day should feel unique, special, and completely your own. Calling them "Courtney's Crew" or "Ben's Brood" makes it fun and personal. If you are going for a more formal feel, calling the party "Honorary Attendants" or even just "The Wedding Party," keeps things neutral, but structured. You could also play with something like "Love Party Patrol" or "Love Party Posse." 

Ultimately, these are the people who want you to be happy and surrounded by love. They probably don't really care what you call them, as long as you are content with your wedding.

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