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etiquette / article Jun 26 2014

Dietary Restrictions


It used to be that you would offer guests at least one protein and one vegetarian option on the menu for your wedding reception. Nowadays, it seems as though most people have dietary restrictions, which can make a menu meant for the masses seem almost impossible. First and foremost, you know your guests! If you have a lot of gluten free guests, it might be a good idea to make the entire meal gluten free, if possible. Inviting your college friends who all happen to be vegan? No worries! There are plenty of options for them, too! 

Depending on how many guests you have with special dietary needs, you might want to ask your caterer for advice. They will know best how to tackle your needs. After all, you want everyone to enjoy their meal, despite any restrictions they have. Most caterers are so used to prepping for different needs, they probably won’t even think twice about it. 

But, what about you and your spouse!? It is your big day and since you are likely the people paying for the food, you should absolutely love what you a€™re eating. As for the main course, pick one that you know you wi€™ll love and work the rest around your guests! Doing hors d'oeuvres? Make sure there will be a few in there for you to munch on.

There are plenty of solutions, like two cakes instead of one (make a gluten free or vegan cake for those who have restrictions), which might even offer you the chance to try to kinds of sweets!

Lastly, leave a line under the menu option, assuming you're doing a sit-down dinner, where guests can leave notes about allergies and restrictions. 

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