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etiquette / article Jul 25 2018

Electronic Save-The-Dates

Recently, a friend asked if I thought that an electronic save-the-date was a bad idea. This friend is planning a wedding in three months due to timing with family from out of town. Given this situation, I said that an e-save-the-date was absolutely acceptable. But what about for everyone else?  

I was shocked when I signed onto Paperless Post to send my mom an e-card a few months back. Could it be, an electronic thank you note is elegant?! Well, it’s true. More and more companies are providing us with high-end alternatives to actual paper goods. While we love a beautiful save-the-date hanging on our fridge, we can definitely get behind the eco-friendly option of electronically sending them.  

As with all decisions around your wedding, there are a few things to consider…  

-Cost. E-save-the-dates are definitely much less expensive than their customized paper counterparts.  

-Efficiency. It would probably take about two or three hours to design and send out paperless save-the-dates, whereas traditional versions can take up to a month to create and even longer for the finished product to show up at your door. Then you have to go about addressing and sending via snail mail.  

-Aesthetic. If you are having a formal ceremony, you might opt for traditional, paper save-the-dates, as they are the first impression your guests receive.  

-Ease. Yes, e-save-the-dates seem as though they would save a lot of time, money and energy, but what about those guests who don’t have email? This means you will probably have to call your grandparents to tell them about the ceremony (unless they are way more tech savvy than mine and they actually use email!). Furthermore, many of the save-the-dates may end up in a spam folder, which means additional phone calls.  

As you plan and make your list of priorities with your spouse-to-be, consider all of your options and where you might like to save a bit of time and energy! Paperless correspondence is a perfect alternative for many couples!    

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