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etiquette / article Apr 27 2016

Parent & Child Dance


There are many marital traditions that are easy for LGBT couples to mold and incorporate into their own weddings. The general flow of most LGBT weddings mimics that of their more traditional counterpart, heterosexual weddings. However, there are a few key points in a wedding where LGBT couples may have to get creative in an effort to keep the ceremony about the love and commitment of the couple.  

One of the places that couples seem to get caught up in planning a wedding is the parent/child dance. Traditionally, the parent/child dance is between a father and his daughter. Though, that may not always be the case, who says a groom can'€™t dance with his father? We say, if you want to include this special tradition in your reception, boogie down with whichever parent you feel you'€™re meant to dance with!  

In some cases, parents may not be supportive of the choice of their child to marry someone of the same gender. If this is the case, it does not mean that this tradition cannot happen. Talk to your partner'€™s parents, if you feel close to them, maybe they are willing to step in. Another alternative would be to dance with a sibling, relative, close friend, or another member of the wedding party.  

Lastly, we like the idea of a group dance! Mothers, fathers, stepparents, and siblings alike can all dance together with the couple to show their loved one how important this day is. Choreographed or improvised, this dance is sure to make attendants of the wedding feel the support.  

As always, this is your day. It's about what makes you and your spouse-to-be feel the loving embrace of those around you.

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