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etiquette / q & a Sep 21 2016


My husband-to-be and I went through a lot of trouble registering for things that we really want and need (brutal task, I know) but we’re unsure if we can make a point to bring up our wedding registry to friends and family.


Unfortunately, you may not. Wedding gifts are not required and making guests feel obligated to bring them is not appropriate. Luckily, most people know about wedding registries these days, so anyone looking to get you something will likely turn there for ideas.  

If you have a wedding website, we suggest having an area dedicated to your registry. It should be small, but visible.  

You should note that nothing sent via snail mail (invite, enclosure card, etc.) should include registry info unless specifically requested by a guest.  

Best of luck to you and I hope you get all of the blenders you've ever dreamed of!

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