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etiquette / q & a Jul 27 2016


My partner and I are undecided about whether we should spend the night before the wedding together. Any thoughts?


My thought is this; if either of you are considering the fact that you might like to spend the night before the wedding apart, do it! It's something you cannot take back.

For many couples nowadays, it seems silly to spend the night apart before the big day. You probably already share a home, possibly have children (or pets) and it would be more of a comfort to spend your last night as singles, together. If neither one of you is interested in spending the night apart, certainly don't do it for tradition's sake. 

However, if one or both of you are considering it, I think it should be done. What a great way to build excitement! As well, the night apart can allow you to reflect on the amazing decision you're making to dedicate your life to the person you love.

This is one of many decisions that you must make as a couple while you plan the next step in your journey together!

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