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etiquette / q & a Aug 24 2016


I want to propose to my girlfriend, but do I need to propose with a ring? I think she’d prefer to just exchange rings on our wedding day, it just seems strange to show up empty-handed to a proposal!


It can be a tricky situation for any couple looking to get engaged, but LGBT couples face an additional set of challenges; gender roles tend not to exist, which is wonderful, but can make things a bit more complicated.  

Here is my suggestion; if you think that your girlfriend would prefer to only exchange rings on your wedding day, go with that! You know her better than anyone. A lot of couples, gay and straight, are shying away from engagement rings these days. You could get her another piece of jewelry instead, such as a necklace, a bracelet or a watch. Getting it engraved makes it even more special.

I remember hearing about Jesse Tyler Ferguson proposing to his now husband with a watch that he had engraved to say “Spend all your time with me.” I thought that was so sweet and understated. It’s special, but not flashy and it’s a genuine and unique.  

Make sure that you feel as though your proposal is true to you as a couple and as individuals. However you decide to do it, be positive that it’s the best way to show your girlfriend that you love her! Also, good luck!

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