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We love being able to meet all of the amazing people that we do! As a way to better connect with communities, we're partnering with a local to help us plan our Halls Of Ivy workshops! We lucked out when Kari of Feathered Arrow Events said she'd help us plan our LA workshop! We love Kari's work. And can we talk about Feathered Arrow's mission statement? They give back a portion of their profits from every event to a charity. That's a company we can stand behind!

About Feathered Arrow Events...

Kari is the founder + head designer of Feathered Arrow, an event planning + design company based out of Los Angeles, CA. Kari knew she wanted to start a business because of her love for people + creating community through the design of amazing spaces + events for people to create memories + come together to enjoy the big + small moments of life.

The name Feathered Arrow came out of a lot of inspiration and life experiences.

Feathered – the thought that we all come from different places around the world, different cultures, different experiences, different traditions, + have different characteristics that define who we are + what we want.

Arrow – even with those differences + the different paths we take throughout our lives, each one of us has different goals, + find different roads that lead us on our own unique journey; we’re all moving and looking forward to find a path that can lead to new adventures, to new people, to new experiences, to finding beauty in the details, + to making a difference. No two arrows fly the same path but we find ways to add beauty + meaning to our journey, to create memories + to share our stories + our love with those closest to us and the world around us.

At the core of Feathered Arrow, we believe business can change the world by giving back to our communities. With every client we work with, we donate a portion back to a nonprofit partner that we work with. We're here to impact community, to share your story, to be creative + to come together to create change through what we do. 

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