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Happy Anniversary!
gallery Aug 12 2014
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H&H Weddings would like to wish the happiest of anniversaries to Amy & Jeri. We stumbled upon their wedding photos when we started putting this website together and they have been a true inspiration. From a blogging standpoint, they showed us what a same sex wedding can be, they truly set the standard for elegant affairs. From a personal standpoint, it was so touching to read their love story and hear about the depths of their adoration for one another. I recently reached out to Amy because I wanted to start doing anniversary posts. I thought it would be the perfect way to circle back with our fabulous couples and the timing worked out perfectly! Today is their three year anniversary! 

I asked Amy to tell me a little bit about their marriage and what makes it work. This is what she told me...

Today, Jeri and I are celebrating our third wedding anniversary. And the truth is, for our marriage, these three years have been full of growth and gratitude and more love than I know how to quantify. You see, today, just like every single day since the one we met, my wife will bring me coffee in bed.  We will greet the morning side by side, sharing a few quiet moments together, lattes in hand, before we head off to our own busy schedules. This is our ritual.  Coffee time. It is our sanctuary and our grounding. It is our connection and our homage. It is our moment, daily, that we take to acknowledge one another, and the beautiful soul of the one we are in love with.   

There have been times during our marriage when life has been life; the twists and catapults offer us opportunities to grow. And we have, together. This is key. When tossed a curve ball, we accept it as a team. This is the helm of our marriage. I am reminded, even in the mundane, when she takes out the garbage or I toss in another load of laundry, we are in this together. And what a great feeling that is—to have found the one constant amidst life’s ever-changing landscape.  

The other constant is gratitude. Not a day goes by where I don’t appreciate and thank my wife for the love she gives me. I never thought I would experience the type of love I know with her; the way she cares for me, her devotion to us as a family, her tenderness coupled with her tenacity, her laugh, her heart—I am grateful, beyond words, for the gift of her. And she is that, a gift. I used to tell her, when we first met, that I wanted all of her, not just the cool person that others experience—that wouldn’t be anything special. I wanted to have the ‘Jeri’ no one else gets to have, which includes the cranky or sad or perfect in her imperfection side. And I still do.  

 I do.  

That is our vow. Always, I do. I do take you, all of you, and I do feel overwhelming gratitude to go through life with you as my teammate. I do cherish you, honor you, and do love you, madly. And I do want to have coffee time with you, until my last breath and beyond. 

Cheers to Amy & Jeri, may you have a lifetime of happiness together! 

Photo Credit: Michele M. Waite Photography & Satya Curcio Photography

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