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5 Mistakes Most People Make When Planning a Winter Wedding

What could be better than a winter wonderland wedding? From the jewel-like frosting of snow and crisp blue skies to the generally festive atmosphere that comes with the season, not to mention the lower prices and increased availability — it’s no wonder that winter weddings are becoming increasingly popular.

Yet, planning a winter wedding can become a bit of a minefield. Winter is not only a glorious and jovial time of year, but it’s also the time of year when inclement weather, frosty venues and slippery pavements can threaten your big day.

In this post, we’ll break down the top five mistakes that most people make when planning their winter wedding and how to avoid them. Read on to learn from the mishaps of others and find out how to make your winter wedding as perfect as it deserves to be.

Mistake One: Bungling the Budget

Couples planning a winter wedding tend to over-budget on certain areas and fail to account for the cheaper seasonal deals and offers!

Weddings are a costly affair. It’s your big day after all and you want everything to be perfect. There’s the flowers, the caterer, the photographer and the venue and so the list of expenses goes on and on. Like most couples planning their wedding, you’ve probably meticulously calculated a budget for the big day, but have you thought about accounting for the difference in pricing in the winter season?

Winter weddings are often significantly cheaper than spring, summer and even fall weddings. That’s because, unlike peak summer wedding season, there’s a lot less competition for wedding services in the winter and so you’re free to bargain and negotiate for a better price with your suppliers. If your dream wedding cake normally cost an arm and leg, chances are it will cost less in the winter — as the saying goes, every penny counts!

Mistake Two: Not Dressing for the Weather

Folks often fall foul to fashion and are left shivering at the altar!

Your wedding outfit, whatever it is, is probably the most important item of clothing you’ll ever buy. So it’s no wonder that you want to get the perfect look for your special day. But with chilly weather, wardrobe choices need to be carefully made — shivering and goose-bumped is never a good look.

For those looking to suit up, a white linen number may look great in the summer, but when it comes to your winter wedding, you need something a little hardier. A well-made, tailor-fitted, tweed suit is a perfect choice. Tweed is a timeless fabric with a rich sartorial history, but more than that it’s water resistant, flexible and naturally insulated, which also makes it a practical choice for fighting off the chills.

If you’re opting for a dress or jumpsuit, more is more when it comes to a winter wedding. Delicate lace looks stunning, but won’t protect you from the cold. But that doesn’t mean you need to wear chunky knits on your big day, instead go for some savvy layering. For example, opt for a warming and stylish faux-fur collar shawl over your ensemble for an elegant, regal and ultimately warming statement. And don’t forget that there’s nothing wrong with donning a smart cashmere coat between the “I dos”.

Mistake Three: Getting Cold Feet — Literally

Couples take the proverbial “cold feet” literally when it comes to a winter wedding.

“Cold feet” are those pesky last-minute jitters experienced by almost all couples before their big day. It’s nothing to worry about and totally natural — getting married is one of the biggest milestones in our lives.

The key to a winter wedding is not letting cold feet become a physical affliction! One of the most common mistakes couples make on their wedding day is to forget about their footwear, which opens them up to farcical scenes of slipping and sliding on the pavement and getting dead toes.

So wear warm socks and sturdy shoes. A well-soled pair of brogues is an easy choice. Things can get a little trickier for those wanting more feminine shoes, but there are still better options out there. In general, you want to avoid the slippery shoes and steer clear of sandals. Hey, you can always change your shoes once you’re inside!

Mistake Four: Frost-Bitten Photo Opportunities

Couples often force their guests to endure bitingly cold conditions in the search for perfect wedding photographs.

Wedding photos are an essential ritual at every wedding and provide the perfect way to document the “best day of your life”. It’s not surprising that lots of people sacrifice the comfort of their guests to backdrop their pictures with the luscious wintry scenery. But asking your guests to stand around in the freezing cold is bound to ruffle some feathers.

So plan for the chill and opt to have the majority of your wedding photos taken inside. Not only will your guests thank you for your consideration, but you’ll be able to showcase some of the excellent decorations and flowers that you dolled out on. If you’re desperate for a wintry backdrop, merely find a big window and position your guests in front of it. Trust us — everyone will thank you for this one!

Mistake Five: Not Embracing the Wintry Aesthetic

Couples don’t make the most of the gorgeous aesthetic and the natural splendor of the winter season.

The season that you decide to host your wedding will dictate the general feel of your wedding. It goes without saying that a summer wedding has a very different vibe to one held in the winter, just as spring nuptials differ from autumnal ones. Surprisingly couples fail to take inspiration from the season, and they’re missing out on a great opportunity.

When planning your seasonal wedding go for a wintry color scheme that reflects the very best of the season. Think rich ruby reds, dark greens, regal golds or for a cooler take opt for sensational silvers, frosty pale blues and elegant whites. Make sure to incorporate your color scheme into every aspect of the wedding from the decorations to your outfits, food and flowers.

Also, make the most of the shorter days and longer nights by incorporating some mood-setting lighting. We love candles and fairy lights for a romantic and intimate atmosphere — if you really want to make a bang, dark winter skies are perfect for fireworks.

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