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gallery Jun 13 2018
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Modern Officiant

One of the hardest things for LGBTQ+ couples planning weddings is the vows. Most couples don't get married in a religious setting, so there is no priest or rabbi to say traditional vows in a traditional ceremony. How do you find an officiant who really understands you as a couple? Modern Officiant is one of the newest members on the Creme de la Creme Vendor Directory and we are thrilled to share a bit about them! 

With the encouragement and support of my wife, and my passion for Marriage Equality, I became The Modern Officiant. I love meeting couples and hearing the story of how they fell in love and decided to spending their lives together. I am especially interested in the stories of LGBTQ couples because I know their journey wasn’t always smooth sailing. When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Marriage Equality, I was overjoyed just thinking about all the couples who could now marry legally. I want to help make the wedding experience exciting and memorable for couples whose friends and families may not be supportive of their decision to marry the person they love.

I believe that as LGBQT people, we experience so much hate and discrimination in everyday life. We shouldn’t also experience it with something we fought so hard for – the right to marry who we love. This is why I specialize in LGBTQ weddings. Of course, I do NOT discriminate. While my specialty is LGBTQ marriages, I am delighted to marry ANY couple in love.

Love is just as strong and meaningful between ALL couples.

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